El cuento del cafecito By Julia Alvarez A book review By Adam M. Mejia

El cuento del cafecito

By Julia Alvarez

A book review By Adam M. Mejia

The book El Cuento Del Cafecito is a writing piece that speaks a story about a traditional farmer’s kid named Joe, his dad was a man who respected the land. As time went by present coffee farming became just a convenience for time and money saved by the person or companies selling it, there was no respect left for the land for this method. This book ask you to appreciate coffee by feeling it with your whole body when you drink it, and the hard working farmers who grow it who sometimes don’t get enuf for what they are doing. He became a teacher, went to Dominican for winter break from Nebraska. Then went to random coffee place where he tasted the most best coffee he ever had, the barista telled him that if you want to see who grows it, he is my brother. Than Joe gets a ride to Miguel’s farm.


Since the traditional way of coffee farming was dying, Joe was questioning the ways of this new farming technique. Now Joe decides to leave his wintery Nebraska for a warm Dominican republic retreat. The same day he arrives, he goes into the first place that sells coffee. This intrested Joe because he never tasted real Dominican coffee, certainly not the one he is about to taste.


Now this is my favorite part, as the mysterious women who is left unnamed who is the supposed widow of the coffee bar’s owner gives Joe the coffee he had ordered. As Joe tasted the coffee he felt something like a good vibe coming from this coffee. And when he is thinking about what he just felt she reads Joe’s fortune by letting the coffee slowly drip out of the cup and looking at the stains it left. She tells him an event that happens next in the book. She tells him where he can stay at, a farm owned by a coffee farmer named Miguel.


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