Explain the issues surrounding Industrial Food Animal Production?

Issue group number one, the amount of animal waste. Because in an industrial setting we are making more food then we need, because of things like that we have increase in animal waste. So much that there is nothing and nowhere to put it, so it just sits there in lagoons and contained in silos that are already stuffed. This causes serious sanitation problems for not only the farmers but also their neighbors, who can’t afford to move so they’re stuck there breathing in literal animal shit. And it’s not just in their lungs, it’s in their water. The IFAP farmers use the lagoon water that is filled with animal waste and using it to water their crops. The water that is used to water crops now can make its way back to once safe river water into contaminated water that all the farmer’s neighbors use to drink. Also think about the IFAP farmers who poke these animals with bad hormones and other unsafe things, do you think that could be in the animal waste if it was in the animal?       


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