How does our agricultural system contribute to pollution? Blog #4

 One way our agricultural systems contributes to pollution is our farms. The Industrial farms that house way too much animals and plants that we don’t need is taking its part in our pollution. With more food comes more pesticides and chemicals that farms spray. With more animals comes more animal waste. Take cows for example. If cow farts(Methane gas)are bad for the environment, can you imagine what happens when we just squeeze more cows into every little space and extra corners of just one farm. Also the fact that it’s just going to waste because no one needs that much or eats that much. Trust me, I hated and still hate when people say this or even imply the words “Just take what you need”. Who takes what they need and not what they want? Do you? But when it comes to taking the amount of food we want, such as my example, like a lot of farms who house to much crops and animals and in doing so hurt not just our heath of eating but also the environment. Should we just take what we need or nah?

Read by- Lynch and Joe           


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