Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, chapter one, is about a small colony(the size of England)called Ecotopia. And the cheesy name with the prefix “Eco” is for them being, you guessed it, eco friendly, their whole get up is keeping the earth as healthy as it can be, but since they can’t get everyone who lives on earth to do the same they decided to break away from the United states. So at least their people on their little piece of land can all be eco friendly without anyone interrupting their business. Also since their departure of the U.S, no one has been on or above Ecotopia for two years, until now. A reporter named William Weston has been invited in Ecotopia to represent and report information to the U.S, as he first steps off the electric taxi from the airport miles away from San Francisco and out of Ecotopia, he gets his first list of vocabulary, Such words as “sinister” to describe the quietness. And the list continues to explain the over all weird and annoying air that fluctuates his hidden amazement for the, success Ecotopia has for being even better than the old San Francisco William remembers. If you want to know what happens next go ahead and get the book Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, remember what I was writing about was only the first bites of the first chapter. As I thought the whole “eco friendly” theme is a bite irritable to me, but i did enjoy reading the same opinions of somebody who is not into it, and is supposed to write about what it’s like to the rest of the U.S, because of his own somewhat comical word choice he uses to explain something that was hidden for two years to all the other people who haven’t gone to Ecotopia yet.     


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