Cowspiracy is a documentary meant to show how almost all of the environment organizations and environmentalist agencies, that stand tall on their expansive soap box and scream to the world that what they are doing or what they tell you to do is helping the environment you live on. Are ignorantly(that’s right I used the word they like to through on people, as an get out of jail free card every time they get caught in a bullshit trap) as they love that word, ignoring the fact that one of the biggest problems of environment ruiningly is our livestock, our agriculture. 51% of our greenhouse gases come from our livestock, and that’s not counting how much water we use to get meat, and the waste the animals produce or of how we take care of that waste. And in one scene the company Oceanana states the exact opposite of what is happening in our oceans. And in this documentary towards the end the man(Kip Anderson)exposing all these organizations, tries to kill his food, in doing so he can not do it. Leading him to have the belief that if he can not kill his own food, he should not eat, so he then becomes all vegan. Now know that he saw a lot of how the meat he eats is taken care of, which is pretty disappointing to say the least. And I do think that to save the whole atmosphere you have to go all vegan is too extreme for me, and is so for the rest of the human race to do so. But as you get the hint, we could all go half and half, half vegetables and half meat of what we eat. And to think we all could not do this goal in a year or so is undoubtedly untrue, at least I hope. This movie has some bloody scenes of the animals, so maybe a little more mature audience would be fit for this film. But then again if you can’t watch the animals that you eat be kinda butchered, nevertheless actually do the butchering, maybe don’t eat it




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