How does climate change affect humans?

Climate change is already affecting us, people. And it’s starting with our most important thing we need to live, our water. We all know how climate change is happening right? The CO2, methane, and other chemicals I can’t think of right now. But CO2 and methane are big components of climate change, and the overuse of them is from us. And when I say us I mean the ones who actually control the amount of fossil fuel we dig up and burn, and the people who overstock cows and other farm animals that are being thrown on top of each other. Which is our agriculture, and fuel management. But those chemicals I mention earlier trap heat in our atmosphere making the earth’s overall temperature go up. Which can make the oceans rise in temperature also and melt ice that increases floods in lowland places. With that it makes our ocean more acidic, meaning our water cycle is becoming more hard to filter into good clean drinking water. On top of that, our main source of food right now unfortunately, is meat, our animals. And since the temperature is rising, animals are migrating to more suitable habitats, and some of those animals don’t make it to where they need to settle, making some species die out. So, good scientist are saying not if we continue contributing to climate change, but right now we have another 50 years max for our human species. But if you ever seen Cowspiracy, they explain we can forget dying any time far if we switch to cleaner or no fossil fuel for a long while and switch from eating so much meat to almost all vegetables TODAY, we could survive. But am coming to a bit of doubt that we all could change to that way, fast. It just seems absurd to make that switch so quick, I am coming to the conclusion that we might not be able to do it. That is if I don’t hear or see some hope from some others willing to push for a long life, and most importantly our many generations to come. I don’t want too die at my mid 60’s, I wanna live to like 300, and able to do things and more of a 20 year old athlete, you know be strong, motivated, I want to be able to have high energy when am that old to be healthy, be able to do a whole bunch of physically active stuff you know. And have a family of my own, lots of kids, family shit etc.. and spread my what you would kinda see as half immortality down to my bloodline. But I just have to wait for the future, because knowing it is no fun.                    


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