Climate change

Climate change is supposed to be pretty serious to all of us. Why I say supposed to is because the very people who made most of the Carbon dioxide and other chemicals increase in our air, or even the people who helped them are not stepping up to their plato. If you take a deeper look or even look harder doing something I call DP analyzing. The big companies that are running a lot of industrial enormous machines, that are making a large some of these emissions. Are doing the exact opposite, but don’t get it wrong. These guys aren’t trying to do this, the shooting of gases straight to our atmosphere reflecting the same harm to our earth and then us. They’re just chasing the money, they see it as just being a player in the money game, so they know how to turn around a negative in a positive. The negative being people that are starting to ask what they’re going to do to stop the harm they are causing. And now at this very moment many of us are telling them to stop, not ask. How they turn something like this into a positive I don’t know, but it seems like they just got more confident with themselves. Somehow even more than when no one was accusing them or didn’t even know what climate change was or if it was happening. I see a lot of articles saying how the earth isn’t worse but it’s about to be and all of us could stop it if we come together. I on the other mind have to say that, the earth is terribly ill, but we can keep it from getting worse. If you read other articles like this about climate change you usually see 90 percent of them explain their personal plan on what all of us need to do, when also usually they didn’t think of their plane at all and just thought of the most easiest way to sound like they have a solid one, and all of us should do it or you’re whatever the puck they have tattooed that they think is the opposite of them. I don’t have a plan, but i’ll inform you that many people can have good ideas how to solve climate change, and maybe I’ll come up with one. But I don’t think so, maybe, I don’t know, probably not.           


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