Trump and JFK’s Confidential Files Sex Scandal?

Adam Mejia






Trump and JFK’s Confidential Files Sex Scandal?




President Trump is hated far more than any other president in a while. The John  F. Kennedy assassination is almost as questionable, as a large percentage of the U.S would agree, to if Trump should be President. So many of his actions and words in just the past couple months has been very criticized while also attention bringing(for good reason). I think Trumps promise of releasing controversial information on the JFK shooting, is just a poor attempt to redirect negative attention that has weighed so heavily President Trump.


“ ‘I think there is blame on both sides,” the president said in a combative exchange with reporters at Trump Tower in Manhattan. ‘You had a group on one side that was bad. You had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. I’ll say it right now’.” This is trump speaking of the Charlottesville chaos that stained August 2017. I don’t know how Trumps media managers or anyone close to him at all, would allow him to let no one proof read what he will say to a nation. But he continues to say what he wants, which happens to incorporate no sense of what will be unlikable or what will be unaccepting to the mass public. This causing negative attention towards him.

“Carmen Yulín Cruz said she was supposed to meet with FEMA Administrator Brock Long to discuss the agency response to the September 20 hurricane, which to this day has left 75 percent of the island without power—only to discover the meeting had been scrubbed and not even been rescheduled after she landed in the U.S. capital.” As Trump in charge, can we get a whip on the Federal Emergency Management Agency to at least call the Mayor of Puerto Rico back? Oh wait they have no power that’s right. I mean Trump’s tweets alone will make anybody question whether this he is an actual president of anything. But add the drama of people he’s supposed to be working with, oh boy.

“Almost all of the world’s media (most probably your local paper too) is owned by just a handful of media giants.” This means it can be very hard to get news you don’t want(especially about you)taken off any media as a whole if you are not friends with these media giants. But you can always flood the media with a story more controversial, like the confidential notes from somewhere in our government. About one of the most controversial events to ever happen to a president, the JFK assassination. But as I see it, him doing this creates a more Streisand effect. Meaning, in the act of covering something up with something else. You just make what you’re covering up look more interesting and attention grabbing. Because then it must be good if you don’t want whatever to get out right?

I think that Trumps promise of releasing controversial information on the JFK shooting, is just a poor attempt to redirect negative attention that has weighed so heavily President Trump. Because what better way to move focus on something you don’t want focus on, then to bring something more controversial and shocking to the table and distract what’s underneath it. How can we tell truth from lie if we are not physically there to see it happen? Or if we understand how deceitful and foolish our only perceptions actually are?


Climate Change: How to “Flip it and reverse it”?


Adam Mejia

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Climate change: How to “Flip it and reverse it”?

Climate Change or Global Warming has been a scary problem for way too long. Not to mention that the U.S officials who’s supposed to be in charge of this problem are doing little to none about it. Scott Pruitt is the Environmental Protection Agency administrator and he seems to care more about the businesses on Earth than the Earth itself.  We’ll get into him in another blog. So it seems the people who have the power to change it, are taking their sweet time. It’s not out of our hands, and it is not impossible. We can stop and hopefully over time reverse Climate Change. Stopping and reversing Climate Change is top priority, the most ethical and logical action to do right now. What would be a good argument not to?

Climate Change

For centuries on this earth, the Carbon Dioxide levels have not been this high. All FACTS, all on wax(ja feel). If you really are begging for evidence which you should not be. Because it’s fucking everywhere near anyone who is a credible scientist(Or maybe you heard of the popular underground punk band N.A.S.A?). Then stick around like Catchmaster, because it’ll be mandatory for how to save the Earth from getting any shitty-er. Carbon Dioxide(CO2)is a main problem yes, but hardly anyone speaks about Methane(CH4). Did I mention it is 23 times better at capturing heat than CO2? Even though it has a shorter lifespan than CO2, there are not a lot of ways to take away Methane from the atmosphere as there are for CO2. Both capture heat(radiation)and are making the Earth hotter to say the least. If you want something deeper than that go watch some fucking credible youtube videos or take a fucking Chemistry class. I need money(and I need it fast) for my time spent on stupid shit I don’t care about, aka trying to make you think about more complex and relevant things right now. Like how do we get to solving this problem?

climate change

Well we would have to track down what is causing the majority of these overflows. Since 1988, only a hundred companies have been responsible for 71% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Because those companies have factories, and factories got to have power. But these main factories still rely on old power sources like coal. Coal and oil are a CO2 filthy slut house that spreads global warming like STD’s ‘ight? The majority of these companies are should have to switch to a cleaner and renewable energy. Upgrade from a filthy, dirty, infested slut to a delightful elegant escort. Will it cost more up front? Yes. Is it better for you and the other people you be fuckin’ on, you know like the rest of the Earth? Hail mafuckin yeah. Don’t be a narcissistic shellfish. Break some crumbs off the bread, for the dirty rats who want to be the pigeons and fly too. But what clean energy sources are there?


Nuclear power plants do not produce CO2. This seems to be a easy solution for these big companies to agree on. Because it’s known that almost all the rest of clean energy producing options like wind or solar, need more quantity of the product to produce the same amount of power of lesser quality. Like the substance coal. Nuclear power is a deal maker.

Nuclear power is a directly less polluting power source than coal and oil. If we want to take climate change,(how Missy Elliott would say)flip it and reverse it. I successful option would be to change how or where we get our energy from. How do we get people to agree and put words into action? When facts are not valued along with how long we get to live on this world? That’s for you to think about.        

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Climate change

Climate change is supposed to be pretty serious to all of us. Why I say supposed to is because the very people who made most of the Carbon dioxide and other chemicals increase in our air, or even the people who helped them are not stepping up to their plato. If you take a deeper look or even look harder doing something I call DP analyzing. The big companies that are running a lot of industrial enormous machines, that are making a large some of these emissions. Are doing the exact opposite, but don’t get it wrong. These guys aren’t trying to do this, the shooting of gases straight to our atmosphere reflecting the same harm to our earth and then us. They’re just chasing the money, they see it as just being a player in the money game, so they know how to turn around a negative in a positive. The negative being people that are starting to ask what they’re going to do to stop the harm they are causing. And now at this very moment many of us are telling them to stop, not ask. How they turn something like this into a positive I don’t know, but it seems like they just got more confident with themselves. Somehow even more than when no one was accusing them or didn’t even know what climate change was or if it was happening. I see a lot of articles saying how the earth isn’t worse but it’s about to be and all of us could stop it if we come together. I on the other mind have to say that, the earth is terribly ill, but we can keep it from getting worse. If you read other articles like this about climate change you usually see 90 percent of them explain their personal plan on what all of us need to do, when also usually they didn’t think of their plane at all and just thought of the most easiest way to sound like they have a solid one, and all of us should do it or you’re whatever the puck they have tattooed that they think is the opposite of them. I don’t have a plan, but i’ll inform you that many people can have good ideas how to solve climate change, and maybe I’ll come up with one. But I don’t think so, maybe, I don’t know, probably not.           

How does climate change affect humans?

Climate change is already affecting us, people. And it’s starting with our most important thing we need to live, our water. We all know how climate change is happening right? The CO2, methane, and other chemicals I can’t think of right now. But CO2 and methane are big components of climate change, and the overuse of them is from us. And when I say us I mean the ones who actually control the amount of fossil fuel we dig up and burn, and the people who overstock cows and other farm animals that are being thrown on top of each other. Which is our agriculture, and fuel management. But those chemicals I mention earlier trap heat in our atmosphere making the earth’s overall temperature go up. Which can make the oceans rise in temperature also and melt ice that increases floods in lowland places. With that it makes our ocean more acidic, meaning our water cycle is becoming more hard to filter into good clean drinking water. On top of that, our main source of food right now unfortunately, is meat, our animals. And since the temperature is rising, animals are migrating to more suitable habitats, and some of those animals don’t make it to where they need to settle, making some species die out. So, good scientist are saying not if we continue contributing to climate change, but right now we have another 50 years max for our human species. But if you ever seen Cowspiracy, they explain we can forget dying any time far if we switch to cleaner or no fossil fuel for a long while and switch from eating so much meat to almost all vegetables TODAY, we could survive. But am coming to a bit of doubt that we all could change to that way, fast. It just seems absurd to make that switch so quick, I am coming to the conclusion that we might not be able to do it. That is if I don’t hear or see some hope from some others willing to push for a long life, and most importantly our many generations to come. I don’t want too die at my mid 60’s, I wanna live to like 300, and able to do things and more of a 20 year old athlete, you know be strong, motivated, I want to be able to have high energy when am that old to be healthy, be able to do a whole bunch of physically active stuff you know. And have a family of my own, lots of kids, family shit etc.. and spread my what you would kinda see as half immortality down to my bloodline. But I just have to wait for the future, because knowing it is no fun.                    


Cowspiracy is a documentary meant to show how almost all of the environment organizations and environmentalist agencies, that stand tall on their expansive soap box and scream to the world that what they are doing or what they tell you to do is helping the environment you live on. Are ignorantly(that’s right I used the word they like to through on people, as an get out of jail free card every time they get caught in a bullshit trap) as they love that word, ignoring the fact that one of the biggest problems of environment ruiningly is our livestock, our agriculture. 51% of our greenhouse gases come from our livestock, and that’s not counting how much water we use to get meat, and the waste the animals produce or of how we take care of that waste. And in one scene the company Oceanana states the exact opposite of what is happening in our oceans. And in this documentary towards the end the man(Kip Anderson)exposing all these organizations, tries to kill his food, in doing so he can not do it. Leading him to have the belief that if he can not kill his own food, he should not eat, so he then becomes all vegan. Now know that he saw a lot of how the meat he eats is taken care of, which is pretty disappointing to say the least. And I do think that to save the whole atmosphere you have to go all vegan is too extreme for me, and is so for the rest of the human race to do so. But as you get the hint, we could all go half and half, half vegetables and half meat of what we eat. And to think we all could not do this goal in a year or so is undoubtedly untrue, at least I hope. This movie has some bloody scenes of the animals, so maybe a little more mature audience would be fit for this film. But then again if you can’t watch the animals that you eat be kinda butchered, nevertheless actually do the butchering, maybe don’t eat it



Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, chapter one, is about a small colony(the size of England)called Ecotopia. And the cheesy name with the prefix “Eco” is for them being, you guessed it, eco friendly, their whole get up is keeping the earth as healthy as it can be, but since they can’t get everyone who lives on earth to do the same they decided to break away from the United states. So at least their people on their little piece of land can all be eco friendly without anyone interrupting their business. Also since their departure of the U.S, no one has been on or above Ecotopia for two years, until now. A reporter named William Weston has been invited in Ecotopia to represent and report information to the U.S, as he first steps off the electric taxi from the airport miles away from San Francisco and out of Ecotopia, he gets his first list of vocabulary, Such words as “sinister” to describe the quietness. And the list continues to explain the over all weird and annoying air that fluctuates his hidden amazement for the, success Ecotopia has for being even better than the old San Francisco William remembers. If you want to know what happens next go ahead and get the book Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach, remember what I was writing about was only the first bites of the first chapter. As I thought the whole “eco friendly” theme is a bite irritable to me, but i did enjoy reading the same opinions of somebody who is not into it, and is supposed to write about what it’s like to the rest of the U.S, because of his own somewhat comical word choice he uses to explain something that was hidden for two years to all the other people who haven’t gone to Ecotopia yet.     

How does our agricultural system contribute to pollution? Blog #4

 One way our agricultural systems contributes to pollution is our farms. The Industrial farms that house way too much animals and plants that we don’t need is taking its part in our pollution. With more food comes more pesticides and chemicals that farms spray. With more animals comes more animal waste. Take cows for example. If cow farts(Methane gas)are bad for the environment, can you imagine what happens when we just squeeze more cows into every little space and extra corners of just one farm. Also the fact that it’s just going to waste because no one needs that much or eats that much. Trust me, I hated and still hate when people say this or even imply the words “Just take what you need”. Who takes what they need and not what they want? Do you? But when it comes to taking the amount of food we want, such as my example, like a lot of farms who house to much crops and animals and in doing so hurt not just our heath of eating but also the environment. Should we just take what we need or nah?

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