Explain the issues surrounding Industrial Food Animal Production?

Issue group number one, the amount of animal waste. Because in an industrial setting we are making more food then we need, because of things like that we have increase in animal waste. So much that there is nothing and nowhere to put it, so it just sits there in lagoons and contained in silos that are already stuffed. This causes serious sanitation problems for not only the farmers but also their neighbors, who can’t afford to move so they’re stuck there breathing in literal animal shit. And it’s not just in their lungs, it’s in their water. The IFAP farmers use the lagoon water that is filled with animal waste and using it to water their crops. The water that is used to water crops now can make its way back to once safe river water into contaminated water that all the farmer’s neighbors use to drink. Also think about the IFAP farmers who poke these animals with bad hormones and other unsafe things, do you think that could be in the animal waste if it was in the animal?       


El cuento del cafecito By Julia Alvarez A book review By Adam M. Mejia

El cuento del cafecito

By Julia Alvarez

A book review By Adam M. Mejia

The book El Cuento Del Cafecito is a writing piece that speaks a story about a traditional farmer’s kid named Joe, his dad was a man who respected the land. As time went by present coffee farming became just a convenience for time and money saved by the person or companies selling it, there was no respect left for the land for this method. This book ask you to appreciate coffee by feeling it with your whole body when you drink it, and the hard working farmers who grow it who sometimes don’t get enuf for what they are doing. He became a teacher, went to Dominican for winter break from Nebraska. Then went to random coffee place where he tasted the most best coffee he ever had, the barista telled him that if you want to see who grows it, he is my brother. Than Joe gets a ride to Miguel’s farm.


Since the traditional way of coffee farming was dying, Joe was questioning the ways of this new farming technique. Now Joe decides to leave his wintery Nebraska for a warm Dominican republic retreat. The same day he arrives, he goes into the first place that sells coffee. This intrested Joe because he never tasted real Dominican coffee, certainly not the one he is about to taste.


Now this is my favorite part, as the mysterious women who is left unnamed who is the supposed widow of the coffee bar’s owner gives Joe the coffee he had ordered. As Joe tasted the coffee he felt something like a good vibe coming from this coffee. And when he is thinking about what he just felt she reads Joe’s fortune by letting the coffee slowly drip out of the cup and looking at the stains it left. She tells him an event that happens next in the book. She tells him where he can stay at, a farm owned by a coffee farmer named Miguel.

How can we the people, support Fair Trade?

Adam Mejia

How can we support fair trade?

How can we support Fair Trade? First if you are one of the many who drink coffee. You can look up some Fair Trade brands and then replace it by buying that coffee brand that is Fair Trade. Another way you can support it is by donating to a Fair Trade farmers organization, or charity. That’s for if you have money to give away though, if you don’t you should just read more about it then spread the news.

Why wouldn’t someone support Fair Trade?

Why wouldn’t someone support Fair Trade? Some things why people might not support Fair Trade is that some human beings just don’t care. Or that some might think that it is expansive or goes bad quickly. Or it might not be that person’s fault and they are misinformed about where to buy Fair Trade things or they are oblivious to there even being a Fair Trade organization. In all consideration, Fair Trade is becoming more popular with other social issues that we are just now noticing. So don’t feel too bad not too many people are aware of Fair Trade.

Another Reason for buying Fairtrade

What is another reason people should choose fairtrade?

To have coffee beans that are cheap compared to expensive starbucks, or to feel better about yourself we drinking a nice cup of fairtrade and probably organic coffee. If you do decide to get cups of fairtrade coffee, you should probably try ethiopian coffee. If you brew your own coffee at home there is some advantages, like being able to slow down, look out side your window, and carefully enjoy your homemade coffee. Don’t forget about feeling good about yourself.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade for example, is when a farmer who is growing coffee is then going to sell it, he should receive a fair price so the farmer can actually live off the money he makes for his job that is probably the only job that he can get. Not many people are choosing this fair trade over others, even though they cost the same.

writing essay

Adam .Rodriguez. Mejia


Being good at writing is an important skill to obtain. Writing could be used to make anything easy and simple: that job you are applying for or the college you want to go to, and definitely the school you want to graduate from. If you don’t think so, I will explain.


Writing can help you with a job because like Riley said in her essay “Writing is important because it’s communication.” And as Riley states “No one wants to hire someone who can’t sound professional.” Besides writing helping you speak better, it can sure make your job application stands out. Also it can make people want to really read your writing rather than look at your last name, judge you, and throw it away right in the shiter. This can also be used for people wanting to go to college.


Writing well can help you in college by again making your college application stand out from the other millions of people asking for the same thing from them. And the people reading those things sit there all day every day reading the same old shit and getting paid for being a strict dick and saying no all the time. And trust me, these people are used to saying no to mostly everyone and everything, so when you separate yourself from the others, it fucks with the minds of the people who read it. They are like, damn this guy or girl gots it together and I should let them into my place of no’s and hard exams. Speaking of a fancier name of school, writing can also be used in the school that you are already in.


Writing is important in school. If you are failing classes, at least make this class the one that matters. In fact this is where it all begins; this is where writing is first introduced to being a hard thing for people to remember that it is important now. This is not grade school anymore; there is no practicing your abc’s. As Airyonna said “If I can’t write well, I can’t pass my classes.” And if you are failing your English class you’re fucked;  you will not be good at a lot of things you could of been. A lot of the simple things today such as writing a letter or typing a paper we learned from a writing class.


Without writing and someone to teach others about writing, there would be some kind of percentage of stuff that would not be here at this time. And as Prabhakar Pillai said “Science would not have existed, had the scientist not recorded each and every experiment in a proper written format.” And without science, religion would be so ever happy. Who ever created writing had either a giant head, stole someone else’s great idea or just did not know where, who or what the fuck they are doing and put a dent in the world. No one could know, and really everything could be a lie and we couldn’t know it. But what do I know i’m just some kid in highschool right? Ah fuck it.