Writting well summarys

“The Value of Writing Well” by Airyonna explains how the value of writing well can benefit more then you can put in. If you are into the stock market you would be two inches away from the screen right now. Airyonna’s paper gives clean and precise topics on how writing can help you get a J.O.B by sounding clear in your resume, some other topics on how writing can help in school and college by passing classes and as she quoted “I’ll have to write well to prove that I’m worth the money and won’t fail.” So there you go she has some very important reasons that you should be off your FUCKING PHONE and paying attention in your English class so you can become successful by being fluent in your writing skills. For more of her work go on .

“Importance of writing Skills” by Prabhakar Pillai talks about how writing is important. Some of the topics include expression and how whinny teens like writing more out of school. Another topic is the judgment of a person because of their writing skills. Also that science would not of existed without writing. Writing can help lots of things and lots of things would not have been here today without writing.

“Writing Well” by Riley explains some reasons why writing is important. One topic is that writing can be used to communicate to people far away. Another reason this person states is for school when your taking a test and the person who is reading your test can give you good feed back because he can read your handwriting. The last thing he gives is that writing can also be helpful in a career because “No one wants to hire someone who can’t sound professional.” So go and learn how to sound professional be learning how to write well. You don’t have to be fucking perfect just get good, fluent and snug with it.


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